Solid Board

Amongst others steel counter plates are used in solid board packaging in order to achieve clean, sturdy and high quality die cutting packaging. The converters place high demands on the packaging, which are becoming increasingly more complex. The marketing function of the tray in the shop is getting higher at the same productivity.

Steel counters

More and more jobs are diecutted with a steel counter plate instead of pertinax counter plates. Whereas previously, only large quantities were diecutted with steel counter plates it is now clearly the tendency that shorter runs are also being diecutted with these steel counter plates. The result is greater accuracy and a cleaner package, a must, particularly for the food industry. The speed and efficiency on the folder/gluing machines increased additionally.

Stripping systems

Flexibility, fast changeover of orders and waste free diecutting are necessary. As a result, more and more orders are stripped without lower pins. Continuous optimization of the stripping process is necessary, as well as the various types of stripping systems.

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