To be able to supply displays you should respond at the right time to the customer, a pro-active approach is the key. Because in the marketing process the displays often become the last thing to be discussed,
Ad hoc decisions are taken and there must be a quick reaction. The level of difficulty of the displays has increased and the print runs are shorter, which must be supplied faster.

Also, the displays are made of higher quality, with topmatrix quality enhancing diecutting (e.g. full surface prints). This technology creates a reasonable reduction of diecutting dust and “angel hair” and prevents tearing of the board during the diecutting process. This is especially important for packaging producers for the food industry to meet the rigorous demands of their customers

Advantade of Topmatrix are:

  • Improved quality of creasing (it is not necessary to apply creasing matrixes).
    • Reduction in make-ready time to prepare the machine tool.
    • Saving in costs for creasing matrixes.
  • Considerable decline in breaking close to the cutting and creasing lines of the board even with the worst board qualities.
    • Less cracking of the inner liners.
    • Possible to work with materials with lower grammage.
  • Through an even pressure distribution, it is possible to reduce the pressure in the cutting area.
    • Extending the life of a cutting rule as well as the diecutting machine.
  • Thanks to the stabilisation of the sheet during the diecutting, the required number of nicks can be reduced.
    • A cleaner packaging.
    • Improving of the stripping process whereat the waste is removed.
    • Stabilized transport of the parts.

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