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DieVision in Packaging Europe

In the latest edition of the online magazine Packaging Europeis a 3 page interview with Kevin Valkenburg from DieVision. To read the full interview please click on the following link: http://www.packagingeurope.com/MagArchive/Archive_8_2/index.html#/174/  

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Partnership between DieVision / Aprisys, Bieling & Petsche and Cito!

The company CITO, manufacturer and supplier of materials for the die-tooling and die-cutting business, has formed a technical cooperation agreement with the Austrian die-tooling manufacturer Bieling & Petsche (Groedig and Vienna) and DieVision / Aprisys.  The joint aim is, in addition to improving existing products, especially the development of new materials and techniques for the […]

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