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DieVision in Packaging Europe

In the latest edition of the online magazine Packaging Europeis a 3 page interview with Kevin Valkenburg from DieVision. To read the full interview please click on the following link: http://www.packagingeurope.com/MagArchive/Archive_8_2/index.html#/174/  

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Visit ESU to Böhler

The ESU organized a technical visit to the company Böhler in Austria on Thursday 14th and Friday the 15th of March. Guido Vandenberghe and Andrew Powell were on this meeting on behalf of DieVision/Aprisys. The purpose of the visit was to show the customers the production process. Because Böhler is a large international company, the […]

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Partnership between DieVision / Aprisys, Bieling & Petsche and Cito!

The company CITO, manufacturer and supplier of materials for the die-tooling and die-cutting business, has formed a technical cooperation agreement with the Austrian die-tooling manufacturer Bieling & Petsche (Groedig and Vienna) and DieVision / Aprisys.  The joint aim is, in addition to improving existing products, especially the development of new materials and techniques for the […]

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DieVision in Packging Europe

In the latest edition of the online magazine Packaging Europeis a 3 page interview with mister Valkenburg from DieVision. To read the full interview please click on the following link http://www.packagingeurope.com/MagArchive/Archive_7_2/index.html#/92/    

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New Milling machine!

We are proud to present our second Milling machine! Since 02/01/2012 we have expanded our machine park with a 2nd professional milling machine. This give us a better respond of the demand from our customers for a fast delivery in a high quality. With this Milling machine we can mill everything we need, like: – Steel […]

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Latest “Coil Mate Pro” in use at DieVision!

From September DieVision owns the latest full automatic bending machine. the “Coil MatePro” This machine can automatically cut, broach, bend and place nicks. Therefore we are even able to react faster towards our clients and supply a constant high class quality.

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Polytop MX

VERPAKKINGSMANAGEMENT 9 | 2011 New generation of material expression “fewer complaints, less cost and trouble-free runs’ Polytop MX provides dies a quality impulse PolyMX developed a synthetic material ejection for dies that die producers and paper and cardboard producers have received with cheers. The brand manufacturers provide trouble-free runs on the packaging lines, telling the […]

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The Powerlock

Change of humidity and paper qualities affect the way your product requires nicks. On one day there are too little, so you need to add extra nicks to the cutting rule or there are just too many, so you need to replace the cutting rule. Some companies want dies that are interchangeable between several machines. […]

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Trimsaver System

How it works: It involves a 3-step process for perfect control and a perfect cut, bump after bump: Pressuring: Pressure is applied on the whole surface of the trim area against the anvil. Blokkering: Blocking: The combination of its high-tech features, block any gap in which the small trim can get stuck. Uitwerpen: Ejecting: Powerful ejection is […]

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Measuring FaroArm

The Fusion FaroArm is a new model with an accuracy of 0036 mm and is designed for manufacturers who wish to measure during the process. The laptop computer of the Fusion provides at the same time 3D measurements on the screen and saves all data. This creates a 3D “blueprint” of a section. DieVision uses […]

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DieVision Holding BV and NV Aprisys joining forces

The Dutch DieVision, specializing in the production of diecutting tools and (the) market leader in the Netherlands takes over 50% of the shares of Aprisys NV, the Belgium market leader in diecutting tools. Through this joint venture the combination DieVision – Aprisys has become not only the leader in the Benelux but also has become […]

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