Visit ESU to Böhler

The ESU organized a technical visit to the company Böhler in Austria on Thursday 14th and Friday the 15th of March. Guido Vandenberghe and Andrew Powell were on this meeting on behalf of DieVision/Aprisys. The purpose of the visit was to show the customers the production process. Because Böhler is a large international company, the product range is spread over multiple locations allowing them to travel with a touring bus. The three main branches for us as a customer were Böhler Edelstahl at Kapfenberg, Böhler Bleche at Mürzzuschlag and Böhlerstrip at Böhlerwerk.

Before we actually might see the production process, we were given a presentation about the history of Böhler. Böhler is an international company with a turnover of 750 million a year! The manufacture of products for the cutting die industry is only a fraction of the total turnover. They are now working with the commissioning of a new production building which has involved an investment of 125 million euros.

During our two day visit was shown how the steel is made from iron ore (Böhler Edelstahl). Unfortunately it was not possible to see the casting of steel because of safety requirements. The entire process after it was made accessible to us. At Böhler Bleche the steel was processed into sheets and strips in every conceivable thickness and height. This happens when you roll the steel warm or cold. This branch is also manufactured blanking plates for the die cutting machines. At Böhlerstrip, strips were made to cut and crease lines. This for both flat and rotary!

Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures, so one of the outside.


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