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The Powerlock

Change of humidity and paper qualities affect the way your product requires nicks. On one day there are too little, so you need to add extra nicks to the cutting rule or there are just too many, so you need to replace the cutting rule. Some companies want dies that are interchangeable between several machines. (This is to ensure flexibility.) These can be equipped with or without a bundle breaker.

If all this is recognizable, then DieVision has the solution for you


powerlock2 powerlock1

If all this is recognizable, then DieVision has the solution for you.

PowerLock ensures that you always have the correct ratio of nicks at hand. As this is for both flatbed as well as for rotary dies. PowerLock clamps a cutting rule with nicks in the tool. When this cutting rule does not comply, then unlock the Powerlock and replace the cutting line with another piece (with a different cutting rule and with a different nick ratio) This cutting rule has a fixed length, so you can endlessly vary your nick ratios. The only thing we advise is to have a number of variations in stock!

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